Ryan is now working in town at the fabulously named muffler shop, Muff-n-stuff. He now has two way too fast,
red Cameros. He's currently looking for an affordable first place of his own. We wish him more than luck.

Andrew is still into paintball and works part-time at a paintball park as a referee and more. Now a
junior in high school, I'm experiencing the joy of parenting a kid who is just like I was. Trouble.

Now 5, Ben continues to be the smartest one in the house. He loves kindergarten, flowers, and anything pink.

Bob and I are happily,  busy pursuing our hobbies.
Bob's band High Voltage is sort of on hiatus as he learns the ropes of his now job
as programming director of local radio and TV stations, KSVY and SVTV respectively.

He's also still recording music for his and other bands.

I've been writing my column and sleeping in like a bum.
I quit my job in August and I'm loving every minute of my free time and thoughts.
My Wine Country Divas project is sort of on hold as the Diva's are multi busy peeps. 

If you're doing it you're not dreaming.
I read that in a book recently.
We're definitely not sleeping!